Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My daughter getting help dressing for her wedding. I wanted to capture the details of her primping session.
I used Wall Decor & More cartridge to make the title No Boys Allowed.  I bought bling from Hobby Lobby to make the swirl bling.  I cut the birds from another cartridge.  Sorry don't remember.  The wedding dress on a hanger was a sticker. 
The bridesmaids were so much fun!  Sarah lacing up the dress like she was going to strangle Ashley in her wedding dress.  My daughter wore my deceased mothers bracelet for something old.  Her beautiful hair accessory was compliments of her maid of honor Erin, a very talented hairdresser.  My daughter in law (red head) Ashley was pretending to be a double-fisted drinker!  I captured Ashley admiring how she looked in the mirror. Bridesmaids did a wonderful job helping the bride get her shoes, garter and veil on.   Let's not forget the toast BEFORE the bride was dressed!  
My heart swelled with pride as I saw my daughter transformed into a beautiful bride who took my breath away!  I love looking at the memories I captured on paper!  


Lori Apgar said...

This is such a fun page ~ you captured it beautifully!!

Chanda Stehlik said...

This is just adorable! Such a special memory. Beautiful!