Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silhouette Cameo IS IN THE HOUSE! LOL

My new Silhouette CAMEO arrived yesterday 6-11-12!  I want you to know I spent this afternoon going page by page trying each feature on the CAMEO listed in the User's Manual.   Now if I can only "remember" what I read and tried out!  I've been known to have "Junior Alzheimer's".  LOL

Downloaded the Cameo User's Manual.  I wanted to surprise my husband and wound up surprising MYSELF!  I installed the software and hooked up to my computer "all by my little self"!  LOL  I'm not kidding about surprising myself!  Usually I defer all installation of any electronic toys to my wonderful hubby!  I'll admit I needed itty bitty help  from my better half.  My CD drive wasn't working on my computer.  My husband instructed me over the phone on installing the portable CD drive.  This enabled me to install the CAMEO software on my computer.   Thanks Honey!!!

This instruction book came with the CAMEO, the software and an instructional CD.  You will be happy to know that I READ the instruction book,WATCHED the instructional CD and tried my FIRST Cameo cut.  Normally I don't like reading instructions.  It's amazing how much help instructions provide!!!  I'll have to read them more often!!! LOL

TA DA!!!!!  My very first cut with my CAMEO.  This was made with the font on my computer!  Look mom, NO CARTRIDGES!!!  I know what you're thinking..."BIG DEAL".  It was a big deal to me.  I was totally fearful that I wouldn't be capable of installing the software myself!  It did take several attempts to get the right blade setting to cut this VERY thick card stock.  (Thank you Lori for my beautiful LIME GREEN card stock!)  The stubborn side of me wasn't going to give up without getting the card stock to cut on the CAMEO.

This is still part of my first cut.  I made these shapes from the software that was included ! 

Here is the "weeded" words and shapes.

I just had to add this picture.  I put the CAMEO mat on my black computer chair!  The electric green really pops against the black background!   It's ELECTRIC....reminds me of the Electric Slide song!  He he!  I know, I have issues!

I'm totally thrilled with the capabilities of this machine!  I'm so excited to watch YouTube video's to learn more on the CAMEO!  I'd love to read any tips, tricks, blogs or websites that you have found with CAMEO information!   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mod Podge Bicycle Helmet

Check out this Recycled bicycle helmet!  I purchased this helmet for 75 cents at a garage sale this past weekend.  I found this fabulous project on page 31 in "MOD PODGE ROCKS!"  I just had to try it!

Top view of the helmet.  My 8 yr. old granddaughter Genevieve picked out the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I purchased 1 yard of fabric.  WAY TOO MUCH fabric!  Probably 1/3 or less yard of fabric would suffice! LOL

"MOD PODGE ROCKS" by Amy Anderson was my inspiration!  I first saw this book at Manglesen's a local Omaha, NE craft store.  I had $20 in Manglesen's free money!  So this book was totally FREE! For those of you who don't live in Omaha....I have found this book at Hobby Lobby!

The fabric was prepared according to directions on page 12.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the fabric using a foam brush.  Allow to dry.  This will enable you to cut the fabric like paper without worrying about frayed edges.  Cut rectangles of various sizes from the fabric, cutting enough to cover the helmet.  It requires you to use "Outdoor Mod Podge", however, I didn't have any "Outdoor Mod Podge" on hand so I used the "Matte Mod Podge".  I will update you at a later date if Matte Mod Podge can stand up to outdoor wear and tear!

I'm pleased with the final product!  I hope you are inspired to recycle!  If you're in Hobby Lobby, flip through the inspiring Mod Podge Rocks! book.  I plan to re-cycle an old suit case that I found at a previous garage sale using Mod Podge!  I'm so excited!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Princess Genevieve Wall Decor

I purchased the crown, paper and bling at Hobby Lobby.  Of course I used the 40% coupon!

I purchased the letter "G", paper and bling at Hobby Lobby.

My 8 yr. old granddaughter loves crafts!  She picked out the pink & black Zebra striped paper at Hobby Lobby.  Genenvieve brushed Mod Podge on the letter "G".  Next we put the paper on the letter "G".  

Genevieve rolled the brayer over the crown to remove any bubbles on the paper.  After the first layer dried a second coat of Mod Podge was added and allowed to dry.

Large bling was added after the final coat of Mod Podge dried.

Large bling was added after the final coat of Mod Podge dried.  It was so fun to see my granddaughter enjoy crafts like her grandmother!  Love you Vievers!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day cards

Fathers Day Tool box for the most wonderful husband of all...MINE!  My talented husband can fix anything!  I think growing up on a farm was a wonderful place to acquire new skills!  He's not afraid to try to fix anything!  I LOVE HIM TO INFINITY & BEYOND!  I can't remember where I saw this card.  I had to add guess at the dimensions.  I used the STAMPIN UP large background stamp "Woodgrain".  I used silver embossing powder on the metal tool parts.  I used green, red and brown embossing powder on the rest of the tool parts.  Sentiment was from STAMPIN UP "TEENY TINY WISHES" stamp set.  Silver brads were put on the four corners to add realism to the toolbox. 

I used retired STAMPIN UP stamps from 1996.  Don't have the correct names as I purchased these at a garage sale!

A wonderful Fishing Vest card that was seen on under the Stampin Up site.

I used the STAMPIN UP paper piercing tool to make the holes on the vest.  I used a brown marker to draw a line from the holes that pierced the paper to look like they were sewn on the card.  Buttons were added to give a 3-dimensional look to the card. STAMPIN UP stamps used on the Fishing Vest from 2002 FLY FISHING stamp set.


Hope you Enjoyed!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

Made the Bride & Groom some magnets for their new digs!  Are you wondering why did I photograph the bottle caps so far apart?  The magnets attached to each other if the bottle caps were any closer!  LOL

I used Epiphany Crafts Bubble Caps (clear bottle top with sticky adhesive on back), E-6000 glue,  3/4" round Magnets, Xyron adhesive on the back of phone picture, Creative Memories 1" circle punch and metal bottle caps that were black on the outside and silver on the inside.

Use E-6000 glue to adhere the magnet to the back of the bottle cap.  Punched out picture of bride and groom using Creative Memories 1" circle punch.   Run the photo through the Xyron to have adhesive to the back of the picture.  Place the picture on the inside of the bottle cap.  Place one clear Epiphany BUBBLE CAP over the photo.  Allow glue to dry 24-72 hrs.  Use glue in well ventilated room.

I'm so excited for Katie & Mike to get married, can you tell?????

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding Canvas Collage

Wedding gift for my nephew Mike's 7-14-12 wedding to Katie.  I scrap lifted the idea from Manglesen's craft store in Omaha, NE.  The Manglesen's sample used pictures of the bride and groom from their wedding day. 

12"x24" CREATIVE ART TREE 13 oz. Cotton Duck Artist Canvas.  Thin 5/8" Stretcher Bars, Vinyl words purchased from Manglesen's craft store in Omaha, NE.  PAINT ALL CANVAS AREAS with a paint color of your choice.  I used WARM WHITE Acrylic paint by Americana .  Allow to dry completely before adhering photo's to canvas using Modge Podge.  Place vinyl saying to the right of the canvas area 1" away from the edge. 

  Picture of bride & groom taken from the SAVE THE DATE card.  Take photo copy of picture on regular photo copy paper.  I took my SD card to Kinko's to reprint copies on copy paper.  It cost 59 cents a picture gave a much more vibrant color than my home printer.  Mod Podge (matte finish) the picture to the 4"x4" artist canvas.  Gently rub the picture to the artist canvas.  Be sure to make edges stick down on the artist canvas using Modge Podge.   Allow to dry and ad a coat of MODGE PODGE to the top of picture.  Use E-6000 clear glue to adhere the 4"x4" canvas to the 12"x24" canvas.

I cut the letter "D" from TIE THE KNOT Cricut Cartridge. Place vinyl initial on one 4"x4" canvas. Adhere your favorite embellishment.  The flower and leaves were from Prima Flowers.  The silver metal heart with the word "Love" was on the candy that was handed out at the bridal shower on May 19, 2012.   See close up in next picture.

Can't wait to give this to my God Son Mike for his wedding to Katie on 7-14-12!!!  Hope you enjoy!