Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The dogs need your help.  Please take a few minutes to read this and act soon.  Then forward this to everyone you know.
Julia Hudson is a terrible breeder in Lancaster County Nebraska.  The Department of Agriculture and the sheriff’s office have visited often and found horrible, horrible conditions.  They have found conditions typical of any puppy mill:  feces piled in cages; filthy water; small, cramped cages and dogs with their teeth literally rotting in their mouths.  What makes this horrible, according to  Hearts United who ended up with some of the dogs, is the dogs with open wounds and holes rotted through upper jaws and into sinus cavities,

The county filed charges a few months ago. Last week, Hudson pled no contest to animal cruelty and neglect and she was found guilty.  The prosecutor has worked hard on this case and is to be commended.  The hearing for the sentencing is October 25.

Last year, we worked to get a law on the books (Nebraska Statute 28-1019).  This law would make it clear to judges that they have the right to prohibit someone found guilty from owning any animals for 5 years. This simply must be applied to this case.  It would be horrible to allow this treatment to continue. 
These poor little dogs are looking to you for help – each one of you. Our voices are all they have.

Today, please write to Judge  Phillips and ask him specifically to include  Nebraska Statute 28-1019 as part Julia Hudson's sentence, so she cannot own animals again for a period of five years.  She has had plenty of chances to change the way she cares for her dogs and has chosen not to do so.  It is time for the law to step in and stop further abuse and neglect of these dogs as well as any new ones she might acquire.  Please ask him to consider her continued abuse and neglect in his pre-sentence investigation.   Also ask that the dogs currently on her property be turned over to Hearts United for Animals immediately after sentencing.  Include the case number and be very polite and professional.

Case: State v. Julia Hudson

Case number: CR13-2975

Address letters to:

The Honorable Timothy Phillips

Lancaster County Court

575 S. 10th Street, 2nd Floor

Lincoln, NE 68508

Hearts United is planning a demonstration at the Courthouse on the day of sentencing  - we will be joining them.  Please watch the NHS website for details of the demonstration.  We would like to show law enforcement and the Department of Agriculture that puppy mills must be stopped and the owner’s dogs removed immediately, and for as long as possible.  Let’s stand together for the dogs!

Please forward this to everyone!  We must be the voice for those poor dogs – we are their only voice.

Judy Varner
President & CEO
Nebraska Humane Society
8929 Fort Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68134
Phone: 402-905-3415
Fax: 402-546-1476