Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silhouette Cameo IS IN THE HOUSE! LOL

My new Silhouette CAMEO arrived yesterday 6-11-12!  I want you to know I spent this afternoon going page by page trying each feature on the CAMEO listed in the User's Manual.   Now if I can only "remember" what I read and tried out!  I've been known to have "Junior Alzheimer's".  LOL

Downloaded the Cameo User's Manual.  I wanted to surprise my husband and wound up surprising MYSELF!  I installed the software and hooked up to my computer "all by my little self"!  LOL  I'm not kidding about surprising myself!  Usually I defer all installation of any electronic toys to my wonderful hubby!  I'll admit I needed itty bitty help  from my better half.  My CD drive wasn't working on my computer.  My husband instructed me over the phone on installing the portable CD drive.  This enabled me to install the CAMEO software on my computer.   Thanks Honey!!!

This instruction book came with the CAMEO, the software and an instructional CD.  You will be happy to know that I READ the instruction book,WATCHED the instructional CD and tried my FIRST Cameo cut.  Normally I don't like reading instructions.  It's amazing how much help instructions provide!!!  I'll have to read them more often!!! LOL

TA DA!!!!!  My very first cut with my CAMEO.  This was made with the font on my computer!  Look mom, NO CARTRIDGES!!!  I know what you're thinking..."BIG DEAL".  It was a big deal to me.  I was totally fearful that I wouldn't be capable of installing the software myself!  It did take several attempts to get the right blade setting to cut this VERY thick card stock.  (Thank you Lori for my beautiful LIME GREEN card stock!)  The stubborn side of me wasn't going to give up without getting the card stock to cut on the CAMEO.

This is still part of my first cut.  I made these shapes from the software that was included ! 

Here is the "weeded" words and shapes.

I just had to add this picture.  I put the CAMEO mat on my black computer chair!  The electric green really pops against the black background!   It's ELECTRIC....reminds me of the Electric Slide song!  He he!  I know, I have issues!

I'm totally thrilled with the capabilities of this machine!  I'm so excited to watch YouTube video's to learn more on the CAMEO!  I'd love to read any tips, tricks, blogs or websites that you have found with CAMEO information!   

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Lori Apgar said...

Congrats on your new baby!!!! Can't wait to see your projects!!